Canucks Scuttlebutt: September 21, 2022

Chris Faber reported that Joni Jurmo returned to his team’s lineup today after suffering an injury that had him miss the opening week of Liiga play. He played 14:19 and had one shot on net.

Faber also revealed Liiga is going well for #CanucksProspect Viktor Persson. The 20-year-old, right-handed defenceman played on the Pelicans’ top-pairing and had 3 shots on net during his 21:20 of ice time.

Ben Kuzma quoting Thatcher Demko: “Last year, I wanted to become a starting goalie full time and the expectation for me now is to be a top goalie in the league. Being a starter isn’t good enough anymore.”

Jeff Paterson on why the #Canucks shouldn’t trade Nils Höglander: “Four guys from the draft class (2019) have played more games…only four guys have scored more goals from his draft class than Höglander has. I think it would be a mistake to give up on this guy.”

Source: Twitter

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