Canucks Scuttlebutt: September 18, 2022

Harman Dayal watching the Canucks Young Stars against Winnipeg today was excited by Danila Klimovich’s playmaking which he said had been outstanding for the #Canucks. “He’s done a terrific job finding the backdoor play, threading the needle with dangerous east-west passes.”

According to Iain MacIntyre, as the Canucks look for defense help on the back end ahead of the regular season, a name on the radar is Carolina Hurricanes RD Ethan Bear. The 25 year old former Oiler is on a one-year contract at $2.2M and will be an RFA in 2023.

Arash Memarzadeh opined that while he feels draft picks and prospects are few and far between with this #Canucks organization, 2022 7th round pick Kirill Kudryavtsev is looking like some great value during this tournament. Nice treat for Canucks fans.

Source: Twitter