Canucks Scuttlebutt: September 20, 2022

According to Jeff Paterson, Luke Schenn is the oldest player on #Canucks 2022 training camp roster at 32 (1989 and only player born in the 80’s). Fittingly Ty Young is the youngest at 18 (2004).

According to Mitchell Brown, Kirill Kudryavtsev (VAN) was among the best activators in the 2022 draft class. Always looking to fill space, whether he’s jumping down the middle, using a give-and-go to beat a defender, or creeping down the weakside. Manages risk by using space & increasing teammates’ options.

According to Dan Riccio, Frank Seravalli tells Canucks Central that negotiations between VAN and Bo Horvat opened with a 5 (AAV).

Source: Twitter

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