Scouting Report: Brandon Lisowsky | SMAHT Scouting

Photo Credit: Keith Hershmiller Photography / Regina Pats

Scouting Report written by Matthew Somma

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a sucker for smaller forwards that have a ton of skill. When I first watched Brandon Lisowsky play, he immediately caught my attention as a player that could make a difference at this level. Lisowsky is a player whose skill makes him a pain to play against in the offensive zone, after all. When he’s on his game, Lisowsky can be one of the more potent offensive presences on his team, utilizing a fantastic shot and his hockey sense in the relentless pursuit of offense. On draft day, you’ll hear analysts talking about players that have a motor that “just won’t quit.” Lisowsky is one of those players.

In our Winter Rankings, Lisowsky missed the cut in both the top 64 as well as our honorable mentions. At the time, I was higher on Fraser Minten for a handful of reasons, but after doing some more research on both players, I’d put Lisowsky in over him if we were to do the rankings again. Lisowsky has the potential to play in the NHL and make more of an impact, and both players have roughly the same chances of not making it to the NHL. If I’m an NHL team, I’m drafting for upside.

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