Canucks Scuttlebutt: September 15, 2022

Sekeres and Price, in their poll question yesterday, “What points threshold does Elias Pettersson surpass this year?”. Final results were 43 percent 80 points, 39 percent 90 points, 9 percent 100 points, and 9 percent none of the above.

Thomas Drance and Harman Dayal have picked their Top 5 Canucks Prospects. Leading the list Jonathan Lekkerimaki, followed by Jack Rathbone, Danila Klimovich, Linus Karlsson, and Aiden McDonough. Read article in TheAthletic.

Rob Williams tweeted today that Sportsnet has released its NHL regional broadcast schedule for TV and radio. No change for #Canucks games on television. Shorty + Garrett + Murph for 58 regional games, the rest are national.

Williams added there was no mention of Sportsnet 650 for #Canucks games on radio. When he asked about it from the Canucks, he was told: “We don’t comment on negotiations but we continue to work on finding a solution”.

Thomas Drance on highly touted prospect Nils Aman says of today’s skate in Penticton, “Among this group of #Canucks skaters, Nils Åman is an obvious stand out in terms of his pace, stride mechanics and size.”

Source: Twitter

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