CanucksBanter: 365 Uninterrupted Days Of Content….No End In Sight

Today I accomplished my goal of at least one post per calendar day for exactly 365 days.

How I started the adventure is a story in itself: it was time. Not getting any younger to dream and succeed. Nothing ventured, nothing gained and I have plenty to gain.

I cleaned the dust off the site, tried to figure whatever it was doing in my absence, and resurrected a renovated, improved “Phoenix” out of it, including a new name:

I partnered with to make something happen, rolled up my shirt sleeves, began with one post, then two… get the idea.

The readership has increased, people have visited the site, and the anonymity of the site for the most part has given me time to progress at my speed, make mistakes, clean things up and continue down the path.

I ended the year by attempting to establish a social networking presence: added Tiktok, Snapshat, Whatsapp, to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, YT Studio.

I also have a Podcast, and am trying to get the subscribership for a Youtube Live capability.

With Tiktok, I can go LIVE, attempting to reach more people interested in some of some things I am, especially related to the objectives and goals of canucksbanter.

So, what does the next year hold? I would let myself and others that really know me down, if I responded by replying “more of the same”. That’s not me.

First, keeping me focused on the new year are the goals and objectives of canucksbanter. I may even touch them up a bit.

But….it’s enough of the copy and paste year. That gave me time to become a better juggler, and with great certification, it’s time to change direction.

The next year will see more original content from myself, both on the blog/site, my podcast, TikTok LIVE, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter….just to name a few….with YouTube LIVE waiting in the background for the minimum subscribers to be met.

Mininum original content of one a week, that is the first goal.

Second, guest contributions. I will put people on the spot with opportunities to give their thoughts in word or deed (pictures and video especially). My goal is two guest contributors to the site over the next 12 months.

Third, while integrating my blog and social accounts to bring a more well rounded (yeah, I know) media experience, to further the goals and objectives I have, I hope to increase site/blog visits, subscribership and become more of an……you ready for it…..ready????….more of an influencer and creator!!

You know, at one time I dabbled (yes, I actually did use that word) in the field of sports reporting. And now, in the 21rst Century I could become……or am……not sure really… influencer and creator. So, if I am not, that is another goal for the following 12 months.

If you managed to read the whole article, you deserve a sucker from A&W in Trail B.C. My wife works at that A&W, let her know to give you one and charge it to me. I will gladly pay for it.

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