Has Canucks Management Learned Anything From The Team Start To The 2022-23 Season…Does it matter?

By Andrew Chernoff

“This losing streak will end, eventually. They all do. And the spectre of it will fade from memory.”

At the tail end of Boudreau’s postgame availability on Monday, the usually jovial and upbeat bench boss, one of the great regular-season winners in the history of this league, seemed to struggle to muster his usual, charmingly defiant brand of positivity.

“I mean, there’s 74 games left,” Boudreau said, perhaps hopeful in his omission of a game. “What do I say? I mean, we’ll think of something.

“They’ll have a day off tomorrow and we’ll build them back up and we’ll go at it again the next game. I mean, as bad as it is, it’s only four points out of a playoff spot right now. So you can look at it either way you want to look at it, but we’re gonna get better. Once we find the way, we’ll be fine, we’ll be a good team. We’ve got good players.”

He’s right, for the most part. The Canucks do have good players. They will be fine and they will win games, likely weeks’ and months’ worth of them, at some point this season.

No matter how much the market dreams on it, however, this Canucks team isn’t likely to be hoisted by their own petard for Connor Bedard, not with Demko backstopping a group of forwards this dynamic. Not with Chicago and Arizona and Montreal and San Jose in the mix.

This losing streak will end, eventually. They all do. And the spectre of it will fade from memory.

Perhaps it will fade so thoroughly that this organization will just cling to whatever hope it can find when it turns, ignoring the wider trend of the past decade and the sharp contrast in quality evident between this organization and the Hurricanes team that routed them on Monday.

That would be both par for the course for this club and a far bigger shame than this Canucks team dropping yet another game to open this ill-fated season.

Drance: Canucks seventh consecutive loss underlines contrast with coherent Hurricanes, TheAthletic, October 25, 2022

Since reaching the 7th game of the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals, the Canucks have been served under nourishing helpings of non-contending teams of Vancouver Canucks representatives that were necessary to field a team for an NHL season, not necessarily win or compete. Show up was fine.

As a fan base of loyal fans, and fans that swear loyalty when the team does well, I think some would agree the owners of the team are constantly continuing to let Vancouver and the province down.

Is it time to support Seattle as the Pacific Northwest premier NHL hockey city, and cross the border en masses?

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