Canucks Scuttlebutt: October 3, 2022

Don Taylor: Winless in preseason. Just 5 goals in 4 games. Boeser and Mikheyev injuries. Doerrie departure. Ownership issues of a personal nature. Tough for a Canucks’ fan to be positive right now. Or have I just been around Vancouver too long?

Jeff Paterson: non-playing #Canucks skating at UBC this morning. Among those on the ice:

Ben Kuzma thoughts on Edmonton game tonight: When compete is often replaced by passiveness, you get what occurred Saturday in Seattle and what can’t happen again Monday in Edmonton.

Rob Williams reported Jake Virtanen will be in Edmonton Oilers lineup tonight.

Sekeres and Price POLL QUESTION this morning: What lacks the most in #Canucks preseason? So far, EFFORT: 72 percent, GOALS: 17 percent, WINS: 11 percent.

Source: Twitter

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