Canucks Scuttlebutt | November 18th, 2022


Sekeres and Price put out a poll asking “Given fair return, would you support a Bo Horvat trade?” 79 percent of respondents voted in favor of a trade.

Jeff Paterson Canucks haven’t played many home games (6), but still get a kick out of their early-season special teams on home ice:
PP is 9/22 (40.9%)
PK is 10/17 (58.8%)

Sekeres and Price @patersonjeff with @mattsekeres & @justBlakePrice on the Canucks potentially trading Bo Horvat: “I just wonder if his value would never be higher…this group just doesn’t work, this mix isn’t right…I was on [the] trade J.T. Miller train.” @rinkwidepodcast @BodogCA

Jeff Paterson if this is it for Twitter, just know Canucks D is 3rd in #NHL in assists:

Chris Johnston As reported tonight on @TSNHockey “Insider Trading,” the NHL is making it mandatory for future players to wear a helmet in pre-game warmups. The rule applies to those who entered the league in 2019-20 or later. Players who reached the NHL before then are exempt.

More To Come….

Source: Twitter

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