Canucks Without A Core Player? Fans Warming Up To The Idea – November 10, 2022 | CanucksBanter


By Andrew Chernoff

A percentage of Canucks fans want Vancouver management to trade a core player to help the team shake off its losing ways, and change its fortune.

In a poll on CanucksBanter YouTube today, asking, “What do the Canucks need?”, 60 percent of the respondents chose trade a core player, while only 2 percent chose hire a new coach.

And last week, a poll on CanucksBanter YouTube, had 89 percent of respondents in favor of the Canucks approaching Kevin Bieska about joining its player development staff.

It seems Canuck fans may be developing a taste for change to spark the team into changing its playoff chances.

While Kevin Bieska may not want to give up his role on Hockey Night In Canada as a co-host, Vancouver fans definitely are seriously warming up to the idea of trading a core player, sooner than later, if it means adding player(s) with proven ready skills and abilities that can immediately benefit the club.

One respondent favored giving up some offense for defense. And another pleaded to let the players mesh as “Vancouver always (has) had rough starts to the season” and “We do have likely the worst road trips in NHL history”.

Canucks fans don’t like their chains being yanked season after season, and without an apparent light of lasting good fortune at the end of the tunnel, Canuck woes are the topic and emotion of past, present and future days.

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