Canucks Scuttlebutt | October 20, 2022

Sekeres and Price: From @justBlakePrice: Will Canucks make a bold move to avoid another death march?

Sekeres and Price: If things continue to go south for Bruce Boudreau and the Canucks, would management look at bringing in Barry Trotz?

TSN Hockey on their show today stating the #Canucks  are winless through the first four games of the season for just the second time in franchise history…Is it just a blip that can be fixed or is it a sign of a much bigger concern?

Thomas Drance says he tends to be “reluctant to criticize NHL coach’s lineup decisions when their options aren’t great, and Boudreau’s options aren’t great, but I wonder if Åman + Joshua really offer enough counterweight against a “bigger, physical team” to offset what Garland or Höglander bring?”

Harman Dayal: Regarding Boudreau explaining the Höglander scratch.

Harman Dayal: forward lines from morning skate: Mikheyev-Miller-Garland,
Joshua-Åman-Lazar, Nils Höglander looks like he may be the healthy scratch

Patrick Johnston: Canucks look to be going with: Hughes-Schenn,
Stillman-Burroughs (with Rathbone rotating in for Stillman)

Jeff Paterson: Canucks struggles, sure. They’ve been well documented. But they’ve also all been on the road. Minnesota 0-3 — all at home. And 8 of next 10 on road after tonight. It’s another somebody’s getting first win game tonight.

More to come…..

Source: Twitter

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