Canucks Continue To Be Patient With Miller Negotiations

According to Harman Dayal, staff writer for The Athletic covering the Vancouver Canucks, the wooden bridge isn’t burned yet (my words), to putting J.T. Miller signature to an extension.

In Dayals article in The Athletic today titled, “J.T. Miller’s Agent Discusses Canucks Future: “There’s a realistic path for an extension’

Miller’s camp remains optimistic about a long-term fit on Canada’s West Coast.

“I do think there’s a realistic path for an extension with the Canucks,” Bartlett told The Athletic. “J.T. loves it in Vancouver. He feels like the team is improving, he loved his role there, his family likes the city.

“He would be on board with an extension. The part that we can’t answer is at what value or level the team places on him. From our end, from J.T’s end, there’s a path forward on an extension but it takes two to tango, I guess.”

Bartlett also emphasized that despite all the trade rumours, Miller has not asked out.

The bottom line is that this whole dance routine is not lost on Canucks GM Patrik Allvin and the Canucks organization, whether he is signed to an extension or traded, but the Canucks will continue to work on making the team a better team.

“Everything we do is calculated and I think it’s more about what the return would be and how our future would be and how it would impact us right now,” said Allvin. “I guess that’s more of a hypothetical question — if we haven’t solved it leading up to the trading deadline with a contract extension, I would think that that’s definitely something we need to sit down as an organization and have a conversation about what direction we’re going.

“I definitely think we’ll address this as it comes but I think our hope is that we’ll hopefully solve the issue from now to the trading deadline.”

Patience Canucks Fans. And long suffering.